How to install HP Laserjet 1010 on Windows 7

Printer should be offline and Automatic Updates disabled. Othervise Windows will automatically download drivers from the updates.

1. Download the XP driver for HP Laserjet 1010. (… ).

2. Go to Devices and Printers and click the Add Printer button.

3. Click Add a Local Printer.

4. Check Use an Existing Port: LPT1.

5. Select Have Disk and Browse to the location where you have downloaded the XP driver. Select HP1010U.inf file.

6. It will give you an error. It is because the local Printer spooler service has stopped. Go to Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services and in the list find Printer Spooler service and with the right click select start. Now go back to the window for installing the printer and click next. It will give you an error that a printer with the same name already exists. Click cancel, go to Devices and printers and refresh the page. You should find the printer with the name you gave. Now right click the Icon, select printer properties and in ports select Dot4.

7. Turn on the printer. Windows should now find the driver for it.

8. When installing the printer on the network you will get the error like in step6. Just restart Printer spooling service on the local machine and it will work.

And… I did it. it works..


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